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The most appealing feature is the ability to forgo making a down payment.

To learn more about the program or see if you pre-qualify, visit the USDA website.

To learn more about this program or search for available properties, visit the Fannie Mae website.

Your local Housing Authority may have information about local programs designed specifically to help single moms become homeowners.

An Individual Development Account (IDA) is a matched savings plan that helps those with limited income allocate funds toward the purchase of a new home.

Each dollar saved in the IDA is matched as a way to encourage continued contributions for the future purchase and the accumulation of financial assets to build wealth.

To qualify for consideration, applicants must: If approved for inclusion into an IDA program, you will have to complete a series of financial education courses on budgeting and saving.Federal funding for non-profit organizations that provided down payment assistance to individuals in need was eliminated in 2008.As a result, a large number of home-buying assistance programs that were targeted toward single mothers were dissolved.HUD homes appeal to those with low-to-moderate incomes because the selling price accurately reflects the worth based on the HUD appraisal.In addition, HUD will pay closing costs if requested by the buyer.

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However, there are many local organizations that still offer help to those with limited income looking to purchase a home.

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