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Both swords (and others) include EX in the repeated sequence... Interesting about the "Ehre" (Danish: re, English: Honour). id=a_m ILuj STvw C&printsec=frontcover&source=gbs_ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false H is after all a fairly strange letter to have so much occurring, but as an A it would perhaps work better. I think you are on to something there: "eterni Xristos" is possible but quite a lot of E-words can be applied here I think. Hold your hats, since this sign is for the front "yer" or front "er" ( again!!!! In modern slavic languages it has lost its individual sound and just indicates palatalization of the preceding consonant.On the Finnish sword we have the lying-down S as possible initial Er/Ter followed by "the double-stroke H". I don't even think it is clearcut an H after seeing the variation of A's in the "Gotische Majuskel" from early 1300's. The Finnish sword doesn't seem to be written with common "Romanische Majuskel" and a lot of strange things is going on. I would agree that the repetition of the letters on the Finnish sword makes for a partly preserved F the far most likely scenario, but fun to look at other possibilities! Repetition also clear here: SH - EX - FRH (C/E)X - (F/heta)RH - EX - ? Both lines begin with "lying-down S" and "double-stroked H".As for sword inscriptions on the Ordrup Sword it looks then very much like "Romanisch Majuskel".Behrend (1970) has placed the sword around 1200 based on the letters used, whereas Oakeshott had it around 1300-1330 based on sword typology.The first use of the "Gotische Majuskel" is from around 1320. So when dating swords it is important to know exactly where they were produced at this transition in use of epigraphic letters can vary from one European locality to the next! (could explain how old style letters ended up on the Ordrup Sword - an early 1300's sword). ) Worley and Wagner suggest that the sequences ER, EHR, or ERT on some swords be interpreted as "honour" in German, mixed in with Latin words and abbreviations.

Een vakantiehuis in het skigebied Hochfügen-Hochzillertal kost in de voordeligste vakantieperiode gemiddeld EUR 677. It was under nominal Danish rule from 1168-1325 and also part of the missionary territory of the Danish Bishop of Roskilde.Locally it was initially lead by Slavic princes under vassalage of the Danish King.The Padua sword shares the rare double-H with the Finnish sword, which Oakeshott first(?) compared to the Witham sword, which is physically similar to the Whittlesea sword, which can finally be linked back to the Padua sword through the shared extensive punctuation marks.

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