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Best Alternate: Sansa or Honeycrisp Buy Online Golden Supreme is the improvement to Golden Delicious that you've been looking for!This apple features a flavor and texture as impressive as its perennially popular Golden Delicious parent and is a most beautiful, golden-colored apple.You needn’t just take our word but can read this article to see what a “foodie” blogger says about this variety.Harvest time of this variety is always welcomed as the official start of "Apple Season".You'll love the light, crunchy texture and excellent sweet flavor that are hallmarks of this variety! Its green skin color and tart flavor invites comparison with Granny Smith, but Smokehouse ripens eight weeks earlier.Any local old-timer can vouch that this antique apple with the “lively” flavor is ideal for all cooking, baking, sauce, and salad purposes.We think that you too will greatly enjoy the light-textured, light-colored and full flavored applesauce that are hallmarks of this cultivar which originated in Washington state a number of years back.Best Alternate: Yellow Transparent or Summer Rambo Buy Online A grass green-colored Lancaster County favorite for applesauce and apple pie "from way back" - Summer Rambo was first grown in France in the mid-1500's!

Its outstanding texture, flavor, and storage life are sure to make Zestar an early-season winner.” So say the folks at the University of Minnesota, who developed this NEW variety.Gala has a glowing red-orange appearance, sweet & wonderful taste, and an excellent "crunch quotient." This variety originated in New Zealand and includes both Red Delicious and Golden Delicious in its ancestry.Best Alternate: Zestar or Sansa Buy Online The Apple of the Future in our opinion; Honeycrisp is an "explosively crisp" apple, one that people say, "WOW" over! Best Alternate: Zestar or Crimson Crisp Buy Online This variety originated as a chance seedling behind the smokehouse of a Bird-in-Hand farm in the 1800's and has been a Lancaster County specialty ever since.Buy Online The earliest-ripening variety of them all and one of the oldest, and still a popular favorite of local applesauce makers who prefer a tarter, full-of-flavor apple with that smooth, light texture and wonderfully attractive light color (just ask older Kauffman ladies like Minerva or younger ones like Tony’s wife Jody (About Us).Best Alternate: Earligold or Summer Rambo Buy Online This is a new and improved Transparent-type variety that has "caught on" fast with Lancaster County applesauce aficionados like board president Ken's wife Ellen (About Us) - Earligold is her favorite!

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Mc Intosh has for many years been the premier apple grown in New York and the New England states.

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