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That take-home message is good for everybody in the field to keep in the back of their mind."Considering all those difficulties, Harrison and Jungers both described our understanding of human origins as surprisingly well-developed.

"However, we see from comparative anatomy that that's not always the case."In 2008, Orrorin, the second-oldest alleged hominin, was also argued to be bipedal in an article in Science by William Jungers at Stony Brook University and his colleagues.Only the details are left to be worked out," Harrison said."That's pretty good going."Primetite da su ovo Evolucionistički stručnjaci koji su ujedno i ,,ubedjeni da se evolucija dogodila,, tj evo. In reinforcement of the fact that Lucy is not a creature ‘in between’ ape and man, Dr Charles Oxnard, Professor of Anatomy and Human Biology at the University of Western Australia, said in 1987 of the australopithecines (the group to which Lucy is said to have belonged):‘The various australopithecines are, indeed, more different from both African apes and humans in most features than these latter are from each other.Part of the basis of this acceptance has been the fact that even opposing investigators have found these large differences as they too, used techniques and research designs that were less biased by prior notions as to what the fossils might have been’.2Oxnard’s firm conclusion? 19 in the journal Nature, two paleoanthropologists said that some recently discovered primate fossils are not as human as everyone thinks. Fossils' Link to Evolution Questioned a paper published Feb.

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That's one of the reasons people can nitpick over its finer points." By the time modern humans evolved 200,000 years ago, the fossil evidence they left behind is extensive, and from 50,000 to 60,000 years ago on, our ancestors left fossils over a large region of the world. voleo bih da čujem bar jednog evolucionistu koji može da dokaže da je lusi imala makar jednog,a kamoli VIŠE potomaka od kojih smo kasnije mi nastali..da predjemo na lusi... is the popular name given to the famous fossil skeleton found in 1974 in Ethiopia by American anthropologist Donald Johanson.

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