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The context shows that Onesimus had a history before meeting Paul was a fugitive slave to his master , Philemon .Therefore the term " child " means someone who has become a disciple who accepted the faith through the preaching of Paul.Rice that doesn’t spoil, it came from far away, by ship with three exuberant young people filled with dreams…Once Upon a Time in Rio is a spellbinding family saga beginning with José Custódio and Maria Romana and their search for a prosperous future.As newlyweds, José and Maria immigrated to Brazil at the beginning of the twentieth century, accompanied by a special gift.I think of those falsely imprisoned and those who cannot see their children, or political prisoners, as is the case with Paul.

My interpretation is that Paul is writing first and foremost to Philomen, and also secondarily to Apphia & Archippus.Sem grandes pretensiosismos literários, mas com uma mensagem bastante bonita, este é um livro único e que recomendo em absoluto. A felicidade, meu filho, desperta mais inveja que a riqueza. (even when they think they are nuts) The art of storytelling. Este casal, que fica mais de dez anos sem conseguir ter um filho, brevemente descobrirá os poderes do que é que um presente cheio de amor é capaz.Review: It's been a while since I've done a list version of a book review. O arroz de Palma, tão desprezado por Custódio, será a chave motriz de todo o enredo." A felicidade, meu filho, desperta mais inveja que a riqueza. Posso afirmar o contrário, posso negar, posso ponderar que não era a minha intenção. O que foi verbalizado não voltará em silêncio para dentro de mim. Estamos tão visceralmente colados, o mesmo sangue, a mesma carne.What stands out for me in this letter is that despite being imprisoned, Paul is cheerful in the Lord.He writes many things to this effect, but also highlights that it is others in the body of Christ - the broader 'church' and those with Philomen from whom he receives joy & encouragement.

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Paul was imprisoned in the period that he wrote this letter .

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