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To Advertise on Rush or in his newsletter, or on the websites, or to enhance your advertising campaign – Call today 888-449-2526.i Heart Radio and Premiere Radio Networks longest running number one show!Advertise with Rush on the EIB network locally, nationally or online!Get the costs for Advertising on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show on rates page – Talk Radio advertising really works!Steyn traditionally hosts from his home in New Hampshire, referred to as EIB – Ice Station Zebra. He most often hosts on Fridays and is a fan favorite.[citation needed] Williams has been guest hosting since October 1992.Douglas Urbanski Award winning Motion Picture Producer, former Broadway impresario, occasional actor, raconteur, “paying subscriber to Rush 24/7,” also known as America’s Guest Host, Urbanski first hosted three times in 2010, left the rotation to produce films on location (during which he briefly hosted a competing program on Westwood One) and returned to the substitute host rotation in mid-2012.

Bill Handel Host of The Bill Handel Show and Handel on the Law on KFI in Los Angeles. Limbaugh was unavailable, and with the infamous terrorist attacks having taken place just hours before air, Handel, who was already broadcasting on an impromptu syndication network at the moment, continued to host for another three hours in Limbaugh’s place nationwide.Rush Limbaugh began broadcasting his show nationally in 1988 at WABC in New York City.The Rush Limbaugh Show is currently the highest rated radio talk show in the United States.Rush Limbaugh’s talk show career started in 1984 at a Sacramento radio station.The Rush Limbaugh show features political commentaries with listener call ins.

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Davis joined the lineup of substitute hosts on March 4, 2008 (after ABC News & Talk, which had carried his local show on tape delay in Limbaugh’s time slot, shut down).

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