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This chapter focuses on the dramatic changes in the lives of Sicilian Muslims at the end of the twelfth century and the transformation of their portrayal in Latin sources.Birk traces the ways in which a series of dynastic crises led to a reemergence of Christian mob violence against Muslims.He went on to discuss the four different peoples over whom Barbarossa ruled and the four crowns that corresponded to these peoples.In the following century Matthew Paris, a Benedictine monk based at St Albans in Hertfordshire, recounted the myth that the German emperors were crowned with a silver crown as kings of Germany, an iron crown as kings of Italy and a golden crown as emperors.

Moreover, the assumption that the Investiture Controversy had a greater impact on the political liturgy of German monarchs than on their counterparts in England and France is prevalent in Anglophone scholarship and is a notion this essay seeks to dispel.It contains much information about Constanze of Sicily, the wife of Henry VI (part.20ff.), and the birth of her son Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor (part. At every page opening a column of Latin text is faced by a full page illustration with brief captions.Narrative texts are rather reticent before the fourteenth century, as Annette Kehnel has recently stressed.Rather than detailed reports of every aspect of a ceremony, chronicles and annals often provide only cursory accounts, informing the reader who was crowned, where, when and by whom.

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This focused study of royal and imperial inaugurations within the Empire has been informed by a number of broader debates in historical scholarship, which will be briefly sketched here.

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