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Detox your home - use eco-friendly household cleaners and detergents.Conventional cleaners contain non-biodegradable chemicals that pollute the water system and can irritate skin.Convert your car to LPG, liquid petroleum gas (or 'autogas'), and benefit from another government grant of 75% of the conversion cost.LPG is half the price of petrol and toxic emissions are significantly reduced.Instead, support threatened species by adopting an animal via organisations like Born Free Foundation (tel: 01403 240170), Care for the Wild (01293 871596), David Shepherd Conservation Foundation (01483 272323) and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (01225 334511).17.Turn your garden organic - choose a variety of plants which provide homes and food for many wildlife species.

Walk, cycle or use public transport - if you must drive make your next car a green one.The Green Stationery Company (tel: 01225 480556; supplies mail-order letterhead paper, envelopes, fax paper and other stationery. Animal Friends Insurance donates all net profits to animal, wildlife and environment charities (tel: 08).The internet-based offers car insurance at low premiums and makes a donation to the Born Free Foundation for every policy. Buy organic cotton - not just kinder to skin, but easier on the planet and our health - conventionally grown cotton is the world's most polluting crop, using 25% of all pesticides and chemical fertilisers.Only buy wood products with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) trademark - almost half the world's original forests have been destroyed, with huge swathes continuing to be chopped down daily. Best rates and advice from an ethical independent financial adviser.The FSC mark guarantees that wood has come from a responsibly managed forest. Ethical Investors Group (tel: 01451 850777) are the largest, give half their profits to charities, and offer a free guide to ethical finance.

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