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“When there are two women in a relationship, there is always a great deal more communication, which helps to get to the bottom of any issues which may be boiling beneath the surface,” Prais points out.“Straight couples often mask over the issues and don’t communicate enough—keep talking!“Take a cue from couples who are out,” suggests April Masini, relationship expert and founder of a relationship advice forum.“For many of these couples, they are more honest with their families and friends and work colleagues than they have been in the past, because coming out has been a big step.“It is often a priority to gay men that they feel good about their looks and are attractive to their partners,” Milrad says.“As a result, they tend to take better care of themselves physically than heterosexual couples and increase the likelihood that their attraction will enhance their sexual passion for one another.” So go ahead, get that new outfit, invest in regular hair cuts, facials or whatever else will help you feel like you’re at the top of your game!

“A lot of gay couples have learned to take the judgments of others in stride and to move forward,” says Chris Armstrong, a Certified Relationship Coach in the Washington D. “Research indicates that the rate of open relationships in higher in gay couples,” says Rhonda Milrad, LCSW, founder of online relationship community Relationup and relationship therapist.

“Small gestures such as a note on her pillow or her favorite chocolate in her handbag can be a reminder of how much you truly think about each other.” “As a relationship coach, I have found that gay couples are a lot more willing to address issues sooner—instead of letting things fester,” Armstrong says.

“In my experience, gay couples live and love from the view that life is short and loving in misery is no fun, whereas straight couples live and love from the lens that life happens and negative relationship experiences and strain are par for the course.” Know that it’s worth taking the time and making the effort to work things out.

“In lesbian couples, the women are often best friends as well as lovers, this means that they know each other on a deeper level and can therefore support one another and truly feel how the other is feeling,” Prais says.

“Rather than always having to ask ‘what are you thinking about? ” When you take the right to marriage for granted, it’s easy to brush it off as a formality.

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