Scarlett johansson dating kieran culkin

She has multiple exes with an over 20-year age gap.

Who: Alex Rodriguez Type: Blonde A-Listers A-Rod has cozied up to gorgeous golden-haired girls such as Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, and Madonna, proving that to be on the baseball player's radar, a lady must be famous enough to merit an Academy Award's invitation—not to mention some serious paparazzi attention—and, of course, sport blonde locks.

actor met up with friends for lunch at Joe’s Coffee Shop and then Brenda picked him up in her Mercedes G-Wagon.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Macaulay Culkin The new couple is back home after a trip to Paris last month over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Who: Kate Moss Type: The Sensitive, Dark Artiste Moss may have a decades-long reputation as a sought-after supermodel, but that doesn't mean she goes for guys who look like they stepped right off the runway.

In fact, the men in her past tend to look more like they've just spent a sleepless night working on their next great novel, or composing a symphony.

But Stone seems to have a penchant for the boyish, could-be-computer-programmer brunette (or does it just seem like that because of Garfield's turn in Who: Angelina Jolie Type: Her Co-Stars If it wasn't for the famous coupling that came out of Mr. Smith, the film might have merely become one of those titles that vaguely registers with you when you scroll through On Demand.She met her second husband, Billy Bob Thornton, while filming 1999's Pushing Tin, and her first, Jonny Lee Miller, while co-starring in Hackers in 1996.Who: Madonna Type: Younger Men Madonna has proved over and over that age is just a number.Who: Leonardo Di Caprio Type: Models Leonardo Di Caprio, with his floppy golden mop and killer blue eyes, cemented his status as a Hollywood charmer way back in '90s.So, unsurprisingly, Leo's into dating some other people who are really, really, really ridiculously good looking.

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