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Juuni Kokuki takes its inspiration from Chinese mythology, making it a rare treat for anime fans.

Ragnarök the Animation is based directly on the Korean MMORPG game Ragnarök Online.

Chat in real time with other players to cooperate and to help each other! Play as a soldier who fights against the terrific Tarazed to save the people of Sadalsuud.

Become strong by developing and evolving your Stella.◆Destroy your enemies with breathtaking combos and skills!

Lodoss-tou Senki may not throw characters into a fantasy world of swords and magic from our real world, but it does possess an archetypal RPG structure that is hard to deny.

The anime and the game follow Norse mythology, and the anime is about as game-based as you’re going to find.

Tales of Symphonia The Animation is one of several game-to-anime conversions.

As imaginative as Log Horizon is, it isn’t quite for everyone. If anything, the approach to the genre feels like a cross between .hack//Sign and Sword Art Online.

It focuses less on action and more on strategy and politics. Blade & Soul is one of several game-to-anime adaptations in the anime world.

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