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If you actually want a relationship, don't respond to his texts. Either he'll decide he wants you in his life, and you'll get back together.

Your goals (immediate) may conflict with his school goals, or he may be about another woman.

If i was in your situation i would confront the person and get a yes or no answer on wtf was going on..they dodged it or gave me an answer i wasn't okay with or that sounded like bs i would instantly cut all communication and be on my way.

If you're ok with being basically a sounding wall and nothing else, keep doing what you're doing.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your ex broke up with me up 2mos ago and the longest we have gone without talking is a week. about a month ago i told him that maybe we shouldn't text as much bc all it is doing is confusing me. I was not ready to completely let I dont text do e mail once in a rare example...there was a death in his family and he texted me about it and I emailed my sympathies to his you ex why he is texting you. Some people need to keep that connection even though they have no time to invest in an actual relationship.

i asked him why he is texting me he said "i love you but i just dont think i can give you what you need right now" (he told me he was dumping me bc he had to focus on school) and yet he STILL keeps texting me all the time.i went over his house a week ago bc i had a appt close by and the whole time i was there he told me he loved me and did all these nice things (we didnt have sex either), but made no initiation to get back together... It makes them feel good to be able to say they love someone, to have someone text them all day, but they're not actually invested.

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Decide if you want to continue to receive his texts..not..act accordingly. Mrs F"I went over his house a week ago bc i had a appt close by"... Same reason a majority of people who initiate break ups keep in contact. You seem to be letting the ol' non-BF call determine if he wants to be with you... or do you want someone who is in a place in his life where he can, and wants to, and will pursue/invest in you? time is a great healer, x take car When two people break up, I don't even think they should remain in contact. I have broken up with people who wanted to just stay friends but I love them as friends. If you don't feel a friendship is what you want from him then tell him and be honest about your feelings. The funny part is both men and women do this, each in their own way.

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