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To install the module with CPAN, fire up the terminal and enter: You may want to install Kee Pass X, an open source implementation of Kee Pass to get a GUI.I’ve used it on both Windows and Linux and it works great.The module can be uploaded even if you're not the registered author, but won't be indexed.By default the CPAN tools (cpan, cpanm, etc.) won't pick up the un-indexed version.In order to update an entry, we have to retrieve it, update it, and then save the database file.Because entries are just hashrefs, this is easy: In the code above we opened the database file, and used the “find_entry” method to search for our email entry.The Kee Pass password manager stores all passwords in an encrypted database file.All username/password entries are stored in collections of entries called “groups”.

The "Test" incident was also discussed on [email protected] people might be swamped at work, on holiday, and so on. You can upload anything that you like to PAUSE, but if you are not some sort of maintainer, PAUSE won't index it.It will still show up in your CPAN account and people can still download it through the CPAN website, but the CPAN clients won't see it (since they work according to the index).File:: Kee Pass has a simple API that works great and comes with comprehensive documentation. I would recommend using the “.kdb” format as File:: Kee Pass has open issues for the “.kdbx” format.

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