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Thus far in this tips series on Access and SQL Server, we have created an ODBC Data Source Name (DSN) using the OLEDB driver for connecting to SQL Server 2000, as well as a System DSN to connect to a SQL Server 2005 instance using the new SNAC (SQL Native Client) driver.This was in preparation for using Microsoft Access as a front-end tool for a SQL Server 2005 database. You can do most things in HTML markup, Visual Web Developer has wizard, who help you to create this HTML markup without the need to learn the code whoch is presented here. Ole Db; Ole Db Connection conn = new Ole Db Connection("Provider=Microsoft. Abhi This is some example code what you could use, but you do not need togo that far. NET has also some easier ways to perform database actions, without the need of writing this kind of code. Though Access can be considered a sub-par application by the relational database elitists, it can be a very capable alternative for querying data from SQL Server without the learning curve associated with Visual Studio.In some respects, it is the perfect tool for the casual business user who wants to drill into and share their data. In order to connect to Microsoft SQL Server from Microsoft Access you need to set up at least one Linked Table.If performance is not an issue, you may simply press the Cancel button throughout this process.

If you are privy to this information please select the correct field because performance depends on it.Then click the 'Lin Once you have either created or identified the proper SQL Server DSN, highlight it and click the 'OK' button.When creating the DSN for this process, you configured it to use either SQL Server or Windows (Trusted) security.The first step in setting up a linked table is to navigate to the Linked Tables dialog in Access.From the menu bar, select inked Tables as shown below: By default, Microsoft Access will want to link to another Access database for it's Linked Table source.

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For the purpose of this tip however, we're going to focus exclusively on Microsoft SQL Server.

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