Updating ms access table from form

Once you've successfully refreshed the first table open a recordset based on that table.

Once you've finished refreshing all the links close that recordset.

The best choice to reduce the impact of this change is work on all the database files located on the local system and not on the server.

Also make sure you have the fastest available reasonably priced (don't go spending lots of money on SCSI if you don't need to) hard drive controller systems and hard drives. I'm quite happy with the performance of my tower systems IDE 100 controller and hard drives. For more information see ACC2000: Saving Objects in DB Slower Than in Earlier Versions - 246306 The problem is likely related to server security as each directory you navigate must be checked against the domain security system.

Then open a bound form or keep this recordset open if so desired depending on your preference for better overall performance.

ACC2000: Slower Performance on Linked Tables - 261000 indicates that if the database has many linked tables that also have many relationships, and the table that you are opening has its subdatasheet Name property set to [Auto], this can make the table slow to open.

Subdatasheets are a new feature in Access 2000 Therefore, you are more likely to notice this behaviour after you convert a database from an earlier version.

It is recommended that we set the subdatasheet Name property on each table in the back-end database to [NONE].

This is caused by the new way Access 2000 stores project items.

Refreshing the links to tables can be quite slow even in Access 97.

This can get much worse for the second and subsequent users into a shared MDB on a server.

If a change was made to an object only that one record in the system table was updated.

With the move to include the Visual Basic Editor interface, Access now stores all project items as one blob within approximately one record in the system table.

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