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You could say he is the Korean version of Hugh Jackman. From innocent to violent to passionate, his effort in portraying his character is flawless.

In 2008, in support of the 2008 earthquake in Sichuan, Yoo Seung Ho took part in the famed I Love Asia Project alongside many other famous Asian drama stars.

Yoo Gi Tae..most handsome korea actor I've ever seen.

Not only body figure, but also his art of acting is completely perfect.

Gong Yoo so only see in You Tube more series trails like movies and dramas interviews sing and I it's great and talent are not where buy the movies I'm live in Utah USA love your smile "silenced" first korean film that i actually watched from start to end with english subtitles.. The first Korean dorama I saw was Korean Coffee Prince, and after that I started looking for more information about him and his work.

u are my idol to be the best in anything & be happy & smile always. Coffee Prince story made me laugh and cry a lot because I has same situation in my young life and hard working for future success. woow I see coffee prince 6yrs ago and love the drama now I'm try found more abouth Mr.

I can’t say there are other men who enlist suffering from same or worst physical ailments but if the military exempted him then who am I to offer an armchair medical diagnosis.

watched SUSPENSE a few years ago, as well as SILENCED (but didn't make the connect, as a slightly newer kdrama viewer). I just finished watching Coffee Prince for the third time and I am still mesmerized by him, he makes his story so believable . Oh this is getting long...the bottom of my heart i salute Yoo :-) Gong Yoo we missed you so much its been a very long time that we have been waiting :( we want you back!!! It sounds very crazy, but I wrote it through my heart and all real life story. After that I had to look into more of your dramas so I found biscuit teacher and star candy and wow.... I kept watching all your dramas and movies and have to say that I'm truly a fan! nonetheless, you command get got an edginess over that you wish be delivering the following.After wrapping , Yoo Ah In got a final and 5th physical examination to prepare for enlistment after failing the first four in prior months, and this time was no exception.He has been officially exempt from military service due to complications from osteocarcoma in his shoulder area.Although, it seems he rarely does drama, seeing his works are mostly concentrated on movies; would have loved to see him in more dramas. yoo ji tae you are such a good actor and i see you're very talented 'cause your director too in korea i began to like you of the drama star's lovers with choi ji woo i can't believe this is your first drama tv and to be pair with choi ji woo!But for fans out there, lets not dwell too much as we are already late, he's already married! Firstly, this guy has got to be the #1 actor in all of South Korea. He is tall broad shouldered and buly unlike the rest of the actors who are sleek and feminine in style.

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and with YEH I hope to see you do more action movies/drama esp now that you're older, wiser and more experience in acting. ( oh and if you do get married pls tell us lol) I have just watched your old drama Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy and now understand why viewers love you and this particular drama. Me and my friends saw ur "1st shop of Coffee Prince" ... I don't know if this is calculated by his agency, but I'm assuming he has something to do with being picky with his movies. I am not comment anymore, but I am straight talking, so I can not be quiet for my upset. A few months ago I became loves YEH after seing this CP ep. until few days ago i finally finished watch this CP.. I am a big fan of GY, so I want to suggest something.

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